Huntington Beach Pier: Catching Sharks

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Happen to be fishing the day these guys caught all these thresher shark..


Alaina Wong says:

I know it is legal to catch sharks to at most 2? Buf I still think this is wrong. :c what will our planet be like later?

Chuck D says:

there are fewer and fewer sharks in the oceans every year. sure there are alot out there but there are alot of people killing millions every year. minor changes to the food chain can disrupt ecosystems. major changes can completely turn an ecosystem upside down

Nixon Westthorp says:

Yous should of kept one but there are plenty in the sea

scottbpike1 says:

Bettie there not thrasher sharks are banned here in australia im a fisherman and no there is not lots on average a shark will reproduce once therefore sharks are rare despite what you see there as that area is a migration breading area thats all I know that and im in australia

ultamatezombiekiller says:

HOW DO ALL YOU GUYS GET THIS CROWD. I CAUGHT A 200 pound bullshark and no fucks were hove

Bettie Russo says:

I am completely for these guys catching and eating them. There are many of these in the sea, and if they are caught, and eaten, that is just fine. Nothing wrong with it, and as a girl growing up in Huntington Beach, I caught many types of fish off the pier with my Daddy and we ate just about all of them. Never minded eating them , but still think it is rotten to not use a fish you have caught.

sundogforlove says:

How much meat is on a baby thresher shark? I think it is illegal to take any fish if it takes two people to catch it. I think fish and game should spend more time on our piers.

asd123hhh says:

the only sharks that are regulated are hammerheads. i foul hook stingrays (unregulated) in the wings and use for them shark bait. but the bigger sharks don’t taste good and should be released because they can breed where as the baby ones cant (takes many years to reach sexual maturity). i only keep a shark if its between 3 and 5 feet any bigger and they taste like shit. they were within there limit as there was what looked like 5 people in there group so 1 per person is still within the limit.

jason arzola says:

the legal limit is 2 sharks per person each day idiot, and there are 3 people so they are able to get 6 sharks. there is no legal size for thresher idiot. do ur research first dumb fucken kid

vic olo says:

Fuckign retards don’t udnerstand the legal limit of 1 shark per day… And their not even in the legal size range … DICKHEADS

ballsofrock says:

They taste good, What’s wrong with bashing heads once in a while? Have to admit it is a poorly recorded video, but I bet it was fun to witness. :D A+ for the experience

Mike Remvidas says:

DIRT BAGS !! What fucking looses , SCUMBAGS !! That’s why the ocean is all Fucked up !! Neanderthal !!!!!! I hope U DIE !!

Chase Mcquown says:

U guys r fucking assholes…. People like you are the reasons y shit goes extinct!

DiploTV says:

catch and release stupid

Shaun Thong says:

dumb ass! U r killing too much juvenile shark! catch n release idiot!

riveramartha43 says:

Wow this is just sad these are baby sharks.have you ever’ heard of catch a release you stupid fukin spic so I can gaft you down your throat And punch you a million times in the face stupid fuck! !!

robocop918 says:

Nobody asked you stupid fucking dumb son of a bitch .

connor mike says:

you guys are all pussys killing small sharks i kil real 200lb sharks not the babys u spics

TheLastGuySucks says:

Fish and game was there when these guys were pulling them up. There small bit there legal.

Tom Bradley says:

google it

TheLastGuySucks says:

@tombradleyofficial actually no there not you fuckin dumb ass.. Know what your talking about before u post out of your ass.

TheLastGuySucks says:


REDtmGO says:

How many juvenile threshers do you need you fucking pricks, i need to gaff you in the fucking head you worthless fucks. Do not keep the small ones or ther will be none left in the fucking future… FUCK YOU…

Vengeance0117 says:


FishintheEast says:

dont insult i disagree too but they are not doing anything wrong they are all up to scale and legal its just their bad decision to kill them all

hwy155 says:

damn at least catch some adult sharks… weak!!

selfhelp69 says:

rope gaffing small sharks what pussies……..

erico meollo says:

Those ts are small:(

MegaDanbo says:

catch and release you dumb asses!!!

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